Friday, 23 March 2012

Content is not king

I met a very smart chap this week who is a senior executive in a major learning company.  He believes that if you make good learning content available, people will learn it.
Ha ha, such naive optimism, I say!  My Uncle Arnold read the whole Encyclopedia Britannica twice, and it did not make him any smarter.  It just made for endless dinner conversations full of trivia.
I know a billionaire who has put a lot of money into providing the whole secondary school curriculum online.  He thinks this will solve the education problems of India.  I think his effort has been misplaced.
What they are all missing is that PROCESS is king.  The process by which one learns has to be the best available.  I think that there is no point in having content unless you teach learning processes so students learn effectively - how to retain, how to apply.  Which of course is why everyone should do our study skills course MemoryWise!

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