Friday, 1 October 2021

Talkspace and therapy success rates

 I presume you have all heard of Talkspace?  

It's the latest internet/IPO multibillion dollar sensation.

You go online and pick a therapist and do the whole thing - consultation, prescriptions etc online, and pay by credit card. 


But here's there success rate:

If my success rate was 44% experiencing clinically significant change in 8 weeks of sessions, I'd shoot myself.

In any other profession or service, that would be seen as utter failure.  Can you imagine an orthopaedic surgeon, say, with that kind of results?  Or a fashion house?  Or any estate agent?  Mental health is the only area I can think of where people get away with failure.  Oh, yes, there's one more, prisons!  76% re-arrested within 5 years in the US.