Friday, 13 April 2012

Illiteracy costs India over $53 bn a year: report

Let's see - 400 million illiterates at $80 per head, that's $32 billion we'll charge to sort the illiteracy problem with Tara Akshar, as against $53 billion to NOT solve it.

That's $21 billion we can save the Indian economy right away!

The problem with Indian Universities

Even those who make it through accredited universities are often not ready for employment, according to educators at Infosys and ICICI Bank Ltd., the country's second-biggest lender. K. Ramkumar, executive director at ICICI said most university curricula and teaching methods are out of date.
"It is not application-based teaching, it is purely memory based," he said. "You mug the paper and answer 20 questions and get the marks. The trouble is, when they come to ICICI or any other company, they aren't able to recall any of that knowledge."