Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Why doesn’t everyone want counselling?

Given that at least 5% or thereabouts of the population has serious depression and/or anxiety and/or stress, and in a recent survey 20+% of the UK population said their lives were unhappy, then why aren’t hoards of people beating a door to their local therapist demanding they get “fixed”?

Is this because
a) You can get a fixed price for fixing your root canal, but no one will give you a fixed price for fixing your depression?
b) You don’t have any confidence that your therapist will get a result?
c) Talk therapy is just too expensive?
d) You don’t know where to find a decent therapist?
e) No one has ever offered to cure your depression?
f) You have to have pills to cure depression and you don’t like pills?
g) You have to have pills to cure depression but they didn’t work for you?
h) It takes forever and there might not be a result?
i) I might get worse?
j) All of the above?

In my humble opinion, Metapsychology counselling works extremely effectively on depression, anxiety and stress. But that’s not the point of this blog. The point is – why aren’t people demanding a cure? Is it because they are too depressed to do anything about it? (That’s only half a joke.)

It is my intention to solve this problem of why people don’t demand counselling by putting 50 different adverts in the media to see which one brings people in.
Each ad will say” come to our centre manned by fully qualified experts in a totally safe environment” yada yada.
But it’s the hook that needs exploring.

Here are some examples of messages to be used in different combinations:
1. We get results or your money back.
2. Fixed price - £5000. No result, no fee.
3. This isn’t therapy, this is life coaching.
4. Come every day for a week. If you are no better at the end of the week, don’t pay us a penny.

Whatever the answer, trial and error will be the order of the day.

I just need to gather a few thousand quid to get started.

If you are wondering what we do with the clients who do show up – we give them counselling! No problem.  Good little business.